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Professional Services

Franchise Research Corp’s professional services team have a proven track record of delivering business and technical solutions against demanding timelines, technical complexity and dynamic business targets.

Franchise Lead Generation

Franchise Research Corp’s unique franchise lead generation service provides the most targeted and timely franchise sales leads to help improve your marketing ROI, shorten your franchise sales cycle and grow your business. Whether you are a small, medium or large franchisor, we will generate leads from ready-to-buy franchise buyers today.

Franchise Research Corp’s franchise lead generation services are tailored to your needs:

  • Pricing is based on a marketing budget or per lead basis
  • Select your geographical coverage area
  • Control leads, campaigns and lead sources on a monthly basis Learn More

Franchise Sales

Franchise Research Corp in partnership with industry leading franchise brokers can provide you with a dedicated franchise expansion team. Our franchise consultants bring years of local, national and international franchise expansion experience to franchise development - each understands, in-depth, the full franchise development lifecycle.

At Franchise Research Corp, we work closely with franchisors to develop a winning franchise development strategy that will identify, qualify and select the ideal franchisees for your franchise concept. Whether you are a small, medium or large franchisor, Franchise Research Corp will help you improve your franchise sales and grow your business. Learn More

Recruitment Services

Franchise Research Corp believes that talent acquisition is the key to a franchisor’s growth. It is essential that individuals can strategize and execute a franchisor’s vision. A mis-hire can represent a major expenditure to any growing business as turnover drives direct and indirect costs and vacant positions lead to loss of opportunities.

Franchise Research Corp Recruitment Services delivers total value of employment by providing process efficiency, quality candidates, scalability, and cost management. Let us build your dream team. Whether you are a small, medium or large franchisor, Franchise Research Corp will help you meet your recruitment needs and grow your business. Learn More

The value of our experience, proven track record and technology solutions have enable our clients to experience a dramatic return on investments, by promptly delivering the right professional services.

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High Expectations

Franchise executives are very optimistic and project that franchising will see a 6 percent growth in net new unit development during 2005.


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E-marketing continues to grow
Overall spending in online search engine marketing surpassed $3.8 Billion in 2004.

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Through consulting and
training, Franchise Research
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