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Franchise Research Corp meets the needs of franchisors by offering services and solutions that enable them to grow and succeed in today’s highly competitive franchising industry.

We serve clients with existing systems and those in need of new systems. Franchisors with existing systems gain value from our services by improving the effectiveness of their use of the system and processes. These same clients also gain efficiencies by improving their marketing, sales and personnel recruiting results. Franchisors whom we advice in acquiring new systems participate in a thorough needs analysis, whose outcome drives the system selection and any process changes required.

At Franchise Research Corp, we leverage leading edge-technologies and tools to identify new opportunities and drive franchise business process improvements.

We provide consulting services to assist franchisors in implementing and improving solutions to better manage their franchise expansion objectives.

We offer services in the following key areas:

Through consulting and training, Franchise Research Corp can build a custom tailored program that helps improve franchisors strategies, processes, and technologies in the areas of marketing, sales and recruitment. Giving franchisors the ability to quantify and maximize their return on investments at all stages of their franchise growth.

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High Expectations

Franchise executives are very optimistic and project that franchising will see a 6 percent growth in net new unit development during 2005.


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E-marketing continues to grow

Overall spending in online search engine marketing surpassed $3.8 Billion in 2004.


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Through consulting and
training, Franchise Research
Corp can build a custom
tailored program..More


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