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Mission Statement

Franchise Research Corp is committed to improving the profitability of our clients through the use of proven consulting methodologies, training and leading-edge software applications. Our team of consultants will help your franchise grow. As more franchisors realize the importance of hiring top talent, measuring their marketing investments and its effect on sales, Franchise Research Corp is ready to serve their needs with in-depth assessments, implementation of software applications; initial/on-going training and real-time reporting that manage and drive results.

Our implementation teams drive the day-to-day progress of projects while keeping a clear view of the franchisor’s strategic vision. Teams are organized, problems analyzed, risks identified and strategic plans are launched to ensure that targeted short-and-long term objectives and results are realized.

The goal at Franchise Research Corp is to research and understand a franchisor’s market quickly, develop a complete and comprehensive strategy, price solutions correctly, and be flexible and adaptable. Giving franchisors the advantage to compete and grow in today’s franchise industry.

Competitive Advantage

Franchise Research Corp can quantify both the immediate and future benefits to be gained from the implementation of best business practices in the areas of marketing, sales and the hiring of top talent. Utilizing consulting and leveraging from our unique training and technology solutions, we provide franchise organizations measurable tools to identify all areas of success and challenges. At Franchise Research Corp we can do this faster than anyone else – hands down. We bring our clients “live” on all solutions within a matter of a few months.

What makes Franchise Research Corp Unique?

Our Track Record of Success!

Our accomplishments include the design and execution of national & international traditional and online lead generation marketing strategies. These have resulted in sales of over 10,000 franchises for a number of franchisors in the following industries: Children’s franchises, Home Improvement franchises, Home Décor franchises, Internet/Tech franchises, Food franchises, Staffing franchises, Business Services franchises and others.

Franchise Research Corp clients have a wide variety of key performance indicators that enables them to monitor the invested capital while ensuring a return on investment.

Franchise Research Corp specializes in consulting and training in-house personnel to successfully implement and execute a franchisor’s strategic vision.

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Explosive Growth

Between 2004 and 2005 over 300 new franchise concepts were launched in the US.


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Expansion Opportunities

In today’s high growth franchising industry, 1 new franchise opens its doors every 8 minutes of every business day.


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Business Success

The execution of business requires a strategy and top talent.


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