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Franchise Research Services 

In today’s fast-paced business world, saving time is synonymous with boosting profits.  Franchise Research Corp can help you streamline the research components of your overall franchise growth program, allowing your franchise to productively compete in your chosen industry.

Marketing and Sales Research

Whether your company’s sales and marketing development and implementation is conducted in-house or outsourced through a third-party fulfillment organization, it is essential for your franchise to have the most current data to maximize your marketing and sales campaigns.

Franchise Research Corp., in conjunction with our many marketing and sales savvy partners, can provide you with sales and marketing background information to ensure that you set forth with the most accurate data possible when launching your franchise expansion plans.

We are proud to offer Franchise Research Corp clients the opportunity to take advantage of field- and geographic-specific competitive analyses and industry benchmarking reports to help guide their sales and marketing promotions in the right direction.  These hard facts, when analyzed, have the potential to measurably strengthen the branding and overall success of a franchisor’s products and services.

Some of our most requested marketing and sales research items include:

  • Industry facts and Trend analysis
  • Competitive Analysis & Industry Reports
  • Pre- and post-marketing campaign ROI analyses
  • Gap analysis
  • Franchise Prospect Analysis
  • Geographic area competitor reports
  • Custom Reports

Personnel Recruitment Research

As an active franchisor, your future lies in the hands of motivated, talented franchisees and employees.  But as every employer knows, finding solid, dedicated personnel can be a challenging and time-consuming task.

Franchise Research Corp understands that you need to promptly find the right people to fill your openings; thus, we have established personnel recruitment research methodology services to help you quickly find and retain qualified leads.  Through partnerships with recruitment partners, Franchise Research Corp is able to help you make your ideal personnel match in as little time as possible.

By conducting all behind-the-scenes personnel recruitment research on your behalf, we can systematically and suitably direct you to your ideal candidate matches. 

Our knowledgeable team of research professionals focuses on consideration of these key Human Resource recruitment and retention areas:

  • Attracting appropriate job candidates
  • Evaluating earnings potential comparison analyses
  • Considering recruitment methodology assessments
  • Conducting thorough candidate background checks

Media Research

Do you know exactly what’s being said about your franchise?  Your competitors’ businesses?  Your general industry?

If you don’t have these answers, it’s time you do.  After all, your savviest competitors do. 

That’s why it’s critical to stay on top of the reputation (whether based on reality or perception) that can make or break your revenues.  Never underestimate the power of the “word on the street”, and never overlook adding an analysis of it to your business plan.

Franchise Research Corp can be your eyes and ears when it comes to understanding and evaluating what’s occurring in the media and public opinion.  By working with our strategic partners throughout the international franchise marketplace, we can provide you with up-to-the-minute media research so you’re the first… and not the last… to know “what’s going on.”

Our media research services take into consideration many aspects of the “buzz” surrounding your franchise and field, including in-depth examination of:

  • Print and online industry and consumer publications
  • Blog and message board communities
  • Industry awards and competitions

Subsequently, all information is delivered to you so your company has time to make necessary adjustments, counteract negative publicity, or building upon the power of a positive public image.

Custom Solutions Research

Franchise Research Corp is committed to helping its clientele conduct custom solutions research aimed at increasing profits, attracting and retaining employees, and establishing a loyal customer base. 

By working with our global network of partners, we can offer you unsurpassed, tailored, and up-to-the minute research on:

By working with our global network of partners, we can offer you unsurpassed, tailored, and up-to-the minute research on:

  • Potential suppliers and supply chains
  • Personnel candidates (including background checks)
  • Competitors and potential partners
  • Franchisee satisfaction ratings

Through surveys and questionnaires, we can effectively establish the current landscape of your industry.  We can help you sort through statistics and superfluous information, enabling you to swiftly gain access to the research data you must have to logically grow your company.

At Franchise Research Corp, we also offer customized risk assessment analyses so you can thoughtfully gauge your next organizational move.  Without this type of custom solutions research tool, you could find yourself making a costly business error.  Consequently, we encourage all our clients to take advantage of this asset of working with our team of experts.


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