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Your New Career Alternative 03/12/2008
April 2007 - Source: Franchise Research Corp. Are you ready to embark upon the career adventure of a lifetime?Take this short quiz to find out if you’re ready to join the ranks of fulfilled entrepreneurs who have found personal and fiscal success in the franchising industry...Read More

Matching You to the Right Franchise 10/04/2007
October, 2007 - Source: Franchise Research Corp.Driving through almost any town in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom, you’re bound to encounter a handful of franchises.  With their eye-catching logos and recognizable appearances (“Golden Arches”, anyone?), they are difficult to miss...Read More

SPECIAL REPORT: Buying Tech Franchises 06/04/2007
June, 2007 - Source: Franchise Research Corp.Only a few generations ago, tech franchises enjoyed limited availability.  But thanks to the cyber revolution which changed the way people buy, live, earn, and connect, the international marketplace is awash with franchise opportunities related to computers, multi-media, document shredding, technical tutoring, and Internet business coaching...Read More

Are You Franchise Material? 03/05/2007
March 1, 2007 - Source: Franchise Research Corp. Coffee shops.  Cosmetics suppliers.  Health clubs.  The list of available franchise company types goes on and on.With over 5,000 franchises representing countless industries and serving a variety of clientele in practically every country, it seems as if there is a franchise to fit every entrepreneur’s personality...Read More

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